Welcome to MOA – California Court Reporters

We have three physical offices to serve you in the North State where our clients enjoy comfortable facilities, plentiful free parking, professional and friendly court reporters and staff, and all the technology to get the job done. We know that keeping a client depends upon providing consistently excellent service.

MOA is ‘not’ a nationwide company – it’s better. MOA knows each and every client by name. We know their needs. When your case requires that you go out-of-town or out-of-state for a deposition, don’t risk an unknown commodity – call MOA for all your reporting needs. MOA networks with reporting firms all over the United States that view customer service as a serious matter, like we do. By calling MOA, we can make all your arrangements, ensure you get the best rates, accommodations and quality reporting and do the production ourselves to make sure all your personal preferences are taken care of.

Meet Lisa R. Ollar

Lisa R. Ollar is the owner of MOA Deposition Reporters, which has been in business since 1992.

“I am a working owner. I report depositions, arbitrations and court matters. Customer service is very important to me, and I find that staying active in reporting keeps me sharp. I see firsthand how important it is to embrace the ever-evolving technology that the market demands so that we, as court reporters, can continue to provide services that meet the needs of our clients.

“When I first started in business, my goal was to make sure that you, my clients, knew that I was in business for the long haul, and I think I’ve proven that.

“My present goal is to make things easy for you. I want to be the resource you come to when you need help. No matter what it is, MOA is here for you, whether it be arranging an out-of-town deposition, setting up a new case in our document depository, or sitting down with you to discuss some needs you have coming up on a demanding case – and, God forbid, if we ever let you down, I will make it right.

“Thank you so much for the privilege of being your reporting firm” – Lisa Ollar

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