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Document Depository

Why should you choose MOA’s document depository?

In cases that have many parties involved, such as construction defect litigation, each of the parties will often have many documents that need to be sent to various other parties involved. This can be quite difficult to track between a dozen or more firms, with each additional party adding another layer of complexity. So, to save time, money on multiple copies and to avoid headaches, attorneys in such cases work with MOA Deposition Reporters to act as their document depository. We are a neutral third-party that will receive deposits of documents, maintain them, and will fill orders for documents as they are requested. Think of MOA as your trusted document banker. There are deposits made, withdrawals by allowed parties, and we are there ensure things are done securely.

A document depository makes sense for any case that is paper intensive and/or has many parties to the action. Today, with so many businesses and law firms preferring the paperless route, MOA is able to manage all of your documents in a paperless fashion. We utilize a secure cloud software to provide links to documents. We can send you an electronic envelope for you to make your deposit and we can deliver withdrawals in the same way. We can also accept your deposit via your in-house file-sharing software.

MOA maintains an electronic-only document depository.

MOA Deposition Reporters hosts an electronic-only depository. Documents are available online and we process all document requests immediately, and the delivery time is based solely on the volume of data requested. We still offer the option of receiving hard copies on disks, flash drives, or even plain old paper at an additional cost.

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