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In today’s paperless environment, it just makes sense to consider eDepoze.


One Platform to Conduct All Post-eDiscovery Litigation Events

eDepoze deposition software takes the paper (and the hassle) out of your depositions by allowing you to mark and distribute exhibits and media during a deposition electronically, whether participants are in the deposition room or attending remotely.

By ditching the paper and using documents in their electronic state during the deposition itself, you and your staff get….

of no longer having to print, copy, folder, and lug or ship hundreds or thousands of pages of potential exhibits to/from your depositions.

of the case team using a single system to manage all exhibits and evidence, from discovery to decision.

that comes with using tech-savvy methods and decreased operational costs.

How can eDepoze help?

It takes the paper and the hassle out of trial by giving you a single tool to mark and distribute exhibits during trial electronically.

As you are preparing for trial, you or a member of your staff create your virtual trial folders and upload documents online. If you’ve been using eDepoze to prep your witnesses or introduce documents and mark exhibits in depositions, you’re already done.

Instead of bringing paper copies of key case documents or legal authority to present to the judge and opposing counsel during a hearing, you can create a hearing session in your eDepoze account, upload your documents, then use eDepoze to present exhibits in the courtroom.

At trial, easily mark and distribute your exhibits and media to the judge and other participants using a laptop or tablet. No need to bring paper copies because everyone receives personal copies of marked exhibits on their devices.


It’s time to take a deposition. To get all those documents you want to use as exhibits into paper form, you’ll need to:

  • PRINT & COPY hundreds or thousands of pages of documents to put them into multiple binders
  • LUG OR SHIP all those binders to and from your deposition
  • REPEAT the process for every future deposition

OR INSTEAD…… eDepoze.com

Before the deposition, you or your staff create private virtual folders and upload your documents online, accessible by your whole case team.

At the deposition, easily introduce your exhibits electronically using a laptop or tablet by marking individual documents with electronic exhibit stamps, then distributing the official, stamped exhibits to other participants.

Within seconds, the witness and other participants receive individual copies of each exhibit – no paper needed.


Trial is Difficult and Expensive – and That’s Before Taking All That Paper Into Account.

On top of everything else to do in preparing for trial, the case team is losing sleep….

  • PRINTING & COPYING paper documents
  • ORGANIZING them into trial binders
  • SHIPPING/LUGGING all that paper to and from the courthouse.

MOA DEPOSITION REPORTERS works with several “Certified” eDepoze court reporters.  

The “Court Reporter” in the deposition setting is responsible for all exhibits.  Reporters love eDepoze because as the attorney marks the exhibits the reporter receives, just like everyone else an official exhibit right to their laptop or tablet and only has to click one button to e-mail that folder of exhibits to its production department back at the reporter’s office to attach those exhibits to the certified transcript of the deposition – of course, electronically – no paper.

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