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Professional Court & Deposition Reporting

MOA = Professional Court & Deposition Reporting

MOA Deposition Reporters works only with experienced, professional court and deposition reporters. Each of these reporters is in business for themselves. However, for 25 years MOA has fostered relationships with many top reporters in the Sacramento corridor of Northern California and they make themselves available to MOA for work on a regular basis.

These professionals cover not only depositions for MOA, but they also cover work in the courts that MOA services. Many of the Northern California courts require that attorneys make private arrangements for a court reporter to cover their civil matters. When we cover your depositions, you can count on us to cover your court matters as well.

Court & Deposition Reporting where YOU need it.

It is not uncommon for our reporters who have reported depositions in cases to also report the motions in court as well as the trial. If you will be taking depositions in a case that is filed in a county that will require you to provide a reporter for court matters, such as Colusa, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sutter or Yuba Counties, then you can trust that MOA will be there for you. An added benefit is the reporter will be familiar with the case from the depositions they’ve worked on.

Many of the reporters that MOA calls upon have worked with MOA for decades. Our reporters are experienced in the types of work MOA covers. MOA has an emphasis in construction defect litigation and document depository work. MOA also does a fair amount of work in the following areas: Personal injury, medical negligence, elder abuse, family law, workers’ compensation, business litigation, contract law and products liability. We do a bit of patent work and a smattering of everything else.

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