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What is Real-Time Reporting?

Real-Time Reporting is the instant display of the court reporter’s text on your iPad or laptop computer.

Why do attorneys benefit from Real-Time Reporting?

  • They can scroll back to review previous testimony.
  • Use the Real-Time file for preparation of upcoming percipient or expert witness depositions.
  • Save time by not taking handwritten notes.  Real-time is more accurate and complete.
  • Save hours of preparing deposition summaries.  Generate a deposition summary from the Real-Time software.
  • Reporters can provide the attorney with an iPad or a laptop with the real-time software installed for use at the deposition and then email them the file with their saved notations upon completion of the deposition.

Attorneys who understand the benefits of Real-Time reporting put it to use in every deposition they take.  If it’s worthwhile at all, it’s worthwhile every time.

Each case has its own “issues” or areas of interest that the attorney can set up and plug into each deposition in a case, and via the use of keywords and highlighting techniques, they can generate a very useful deposition summary memorializing those very issues.

Real-Time Reporting is a very helpful litigation support tool.  This service is not free, but it more than pays for itself.

If you are interested in learning more about Real-Time Reporting, please contact Lisa Ollar, the owner of MOA Deposition Reporters, and she will sit down with you and explore your various software options.  Many software bundles marketed and sold to law firms to manage transcripts and exhibits also offer a real-time tool within that very bundle.  You may find that your law firm already uses one of these software bundles and you just haven’t availed yourself of the real-time tool.  Let’s explore that together.

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