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Videoconferencing @ MOA Deposition Reporters

What is “Videoconferencing”?

Videoconferencing is communicating face to face from two or more different locations.

When is videoconferencing useful?

Well, time is money, right? If you need to take a deposition of a witness or a party to a case in another state or even country, it will cost money for transportation, hotels, car rentals, etc. By contacting MOA Deposition Reporters, we can facilitate that deposition and you won’t have to leave your office. We can arrange for videographers and videoconferencing software in the remote location as well as in your physical location for a very affordable price, thereby saving tremendous amounts of money, time and resources. One of the main reasons an attorney travels to take a deposition of a witness in a remote location is to view the witness and get a feel for their presentation. You can do all that remotely…and virtually…and save your client money and save yourself the hassle. It just makes sense.

So why call MOA for videoconferencing?

MOA understands that it’s not rocket science to provide this service. We can do so utilizing simple software available to anyone such as Web-Ex, GoToMeeting and Skype. There is no need to pay the high costs that some court reporting agencies charge for a propriety software that does nothing more than just cost more. This is not a difficult thing. It’s all about facilitation.

MOA Deposition Reporters recently facilitated a deposition where the noticing attorney was in our Sacramento office and the deponent was in Spain. This deposition required a Spanish interpreter in Spain and a Spanish interpreter in Sacramento on-site to ensure a good translation (at counsel’s request). It required a legal videographer in Spain and it required a stipulation that the court reporter need not physically be in Spain with the deponent, but instead could be in our Sacramento office writing the testimony via our videoconferencing setup. This deposition required many services, but it saved thousands of dollars for our client and was very convenient for all involved.

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