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What are Videotaped Depositions?

It is the taking of a deposition with a legal videographer in attendance memorializing, by video, the testimony of a witness.

We are reporters and leave videography to the video experts.

MOA Deposition Reporters has phenomenal reporters, not videographers. MOA works with several licensed legal videography firms in our local service area as well as maintains many contacts with licensed legal videographers throughout the United States. We leave the videography to the video experts. These companies are full-service companies who can edit, sync the video to the transcript, maintain backups, and they use trial software to work alongside the attorney to do trial preparation and presentation. MOA Deposition Reporters regularly works with the following videographers in the local area: Sacramento Legal Video Center, Strategic Multimedia, and Capital Legal Video; however, we work with many others as well.

Why use videotaped depositions?

As a reporting agency, we work with law firms that videotape virtually every deposition they take. We work with attorneys that only videotape depositions of witnesses when they anticipate the witness will be unavailable for trial and they want to preserve that testimony for the trial. We work with attorneys who videotape depositions for their own strategic reasons. They take videotaped depositions of expert witnesses; they take videotaped depositions of the elderly; they take videotaped depositions of witnesses they expect to be hostile.

During trial, if a witness is unavailable to provide live testimony, and their deposition has been taken in the case, attorneys may read from the deposition, the written record. However, if that testimony was videotaped, the audiovisual team at trial is able to display the video of the witness’ deposition testimony. Attorneys can direct the videographer to prepare synched testimony and video of specific areas of the testimony or even the complete testimony. Videotaped depositions are highly effective in the courtroom when faced with the alternative of merely reading the written word.

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